Case Study: Sports Bar Video System Networking [IS100]

Thu. June 13| 9:30 AM - 10:30 AM | W304E

***Seminar and Workshop Package Required***

Professional audiovisual services are increasingly deployed to improve and simplify seemingly basic applications in sports bars and restaurants. This case study examines a Buffalo, New York based sports bar that had been using 25 TVs throughout the restaurant with 25 different DirectTV boxes and cable boxes. Explore how they saved subscription fees and centralized video sources while creating a flexible solution that could accommodate future expansion. We'll examine the restaurant's pain points and challenges, the solutions that were implemented, and how they empowered the staff. Attendees will learn:
• The benefits of installing professional-grade AV technology to simplify the digital connectivity of a bar/restaurant
• Various AV solutions available for restaurant applications on the market today the functions and capabilities of each
• Basic installation techniques
This session is open to all seminar and workshop package holders, and will be seated on a first-come, first -served basis. | Session Number: IS100

Type: InfoComm Seminar: 1-2 Hours

Track: Digital Signage, New Session, Seminar and Workshop Package

Handout(s): 0930_LIANG_IS100.pdf, 0930_LIANG_IS100.pptx


Liang, YT

Liang, YT

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